8020Fit Interview with Vietcetera

Hãy Làm Món Nước Của Bạn Thêm Thú Vị!
August 18, 2018
No Sleep, No Weight Loss
April 4, 2019

Beyond its service & product line, what’s the story about the co-founders of 8020Fit?

How 8020Fit Wants to Educate Vietnamese Consumers About Healthy Living

It is always such an honor to be unexpectedly asked for an interview, to talk about what 8020Fit is about. And especially by Vietcetera which is known for covering different types of topics in an evolving Vietnam, ranging from people’s untold stories to practical information about living in Vietnam. The interview was pleasantly different from what we had expected as their questions allowed us to reminisce about all the different circumstances that inspired us to create 8020Fit.

Beyond talking about what our company does and offers, Vietcetera wanted to know more about our personal story, what motivated us and how our journey has been so far — being entrepreneurial “Viet Kieu’s” (Vietnamese born oversea) coming back to their homeland to start a fitness/nutrition business.

But the thing is: we did not come back to Vietnam, expecting to do what we do today. Back then, we were essentially just two certified personal trainers with weight loss specialization, both looking for an oversea experience after living more than a few decades in California, USA.

Though the saying of “80% Nutrition, 20% fitness” is known by most people in the States, as far as I know, I don’t know of any other companies in California or in Vietnam, that actually do yet what we do at 8020Fit; we’re not just a gym, nor are we just a healthy meal plan service. We do BOTH! Healthy meal delivery service to the client’s selected location while offering training sessions to clients with a specific fitness program to help them reach their client’s goals. Hence the name: 8020Fit

Though the name is very American in essence, 8020Fit first opened its doors in HCMC, as it was inspired from an overheard conversation between a group of women in the locker room pondering why they were not losing weight even with all their fitness efforts. This was being talked about while they were all devouring through some Vietnamese staple food, which were, from a nutrition standpoint, overloaded with unhealthy carbs and lacking much nutrients.

And that was our “aa-haa” moment followed by other gym guests randomly coming up to us while we were working out, asking us if we watch our “diet” or not, how often we exercise, and what we would eat to achieve the body we have today, at the late age of thirties and mid-forties. It was obvious that they were not clear about the relationship between food intake and exercising for best results.

From there we knew, that based on our certifications, we should leverage our knowledge and personal experience in a business idea that could improve people’s health and fitness in Vietnam. And so was born 8020Fit!