April 4, 2019

No Sleep, No Weight Loss

NO SLEEP, NO WEIGHT LOSS! So you’re doing your best to eat healthy and exercise as smartly as possible… But are you paying attention to whether or not you’re sleeping enough? Indeed, another important element to weight loss is GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP. Learn about how these two hormones GHRELIN and LEPTIN affect your appetite and weight loss when not sleeping enough.
August 18, 2018

8020Fit Interview with Vietcetera

Beyond its service & product line, what’s the story about the co-founders of 8020Fit? How 8020Fit Wants to Educate Vietnamese Consumers About Healthy Living It is always such an honor to be unexpectedly asked for an interview, to talk about what 8020Fit is about. And especially by Vietcetera which is known for covering different types of topics in an evolving Vietnam, ranging from people’s untold […]
August 18, 2018

Make Your Water Intake More Exciting

DRINK MORE WATER FOR THESE REASONS (ASIDE FROM FAT LOSS)! If it becomes boring to drink just water, make your water intake more exciting by adding these for additional benefits: • Cucumber: Cool & hydrates • Fresh Mint: Freshens breath & treats nausea • Chia Seeds: Strengthen teeth & bones • Lemon Or Lime: Boots immunity & prevents colds • Aloe Vera Juice: Relaxes & […]